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Escape rooms took the entertainment sector by storm, and now there are more than 1000 escape rooms in the Netherlands. For this project, we have created a prototype of an educational escape room using virtual reality (VR) technology.

Building blocks of the VR Escape Room

VR technology

Virtual Reality technologies allowed us to create digital realms offering opportunity for more engagement with students.

UX Design

User-experience design allowed us to create intuitive experiences within the escape room.

Game-based learning

Using principles of game-based learning allowed us to maximize the learning outcome of students when playing the escape room.

Student-Centered Activity design

We developed the escape room considering different learning styles of students.


Our initial VR escape room was built with the goal of improving financial literacy, but is modifiable with:

  • Pre-made scenes
  • Pre-made assets
  • Modifiable themes
  • Modifiable puzzles
  • Modifiable clues

Read our guide on how to get started setting up your own VR escape room or send us an email to schedule a demo and get help with onboarding!

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